4 Takeaways from the Q1 FY18 Servigistics Client Update
Written By: Bradley Rhoton

Last Tuesday marked the second Servigistics Quarterly Client Update, featuring news from Servigistics Business Unit General Manager Leslie Paulson and Focused Solutions EVP Tony DiBona.

1. Servigistics launched Connected Service Parts Management

Q1 was an exciting quarter for us. We added Allegiant, LAM Research, and Bobcat-Doosan to our client portfolio, and hosted our first service executive meeting. But one of our biggest announcements was the release of the Connected Service Parts Management module, which uses IoT data from ThingWorx to generate causal forecasts of spare parts and maintenance demand.

What the solution does it take live data detailing where your assets are and how often they’re being utilized to predict when you’ll need to replace serialized components or life-limited parts.

“This is a capability unique to PTC,” Paulson emphasized. “We can leverage the connected capability within PTC’s genetic makeup and bring it to those managing service parts supply chains.”

2. Strengthening engagement with Servigistics, Xelus, and MCA clients

You can’t develop a market-focused solution unless you understand what the market actually needs. That’s why the Servigistics Business Unit launched the Executive Advisory Council and Customer Advisory Group in Q4.

“Those panels are available to all [our clients], including you folks still using Xelus and MCA, so that you can have an integral part in the development of our product roadmap and delivery process,” Paulson said.

In February, we held our first Service Executive Advisory Council meeting in Phoenix, which I had the privilege to attend. The meeting featured presentations from Paulson, as well as Arizona State University’s Wolfgang Ulaga, Komatsu, Cummins, and Philips Healthcare. Any executives interested in joining the EAC can shoot me an email

Those at the manager or specialist level can also contribute to the Servigistics roadmap. The Customer Advisory Group (CAG) holds monthly phone conferences in which Xelus, MCA, and Servigistics users can exchange knowledge about certain functions, voice their needs, and experience previews of upcoming capabilities.

It’s a chance for the folks using our tools to influence what features they receive in future releases. If you want to join the CAG, you can send a private message to the group’s administrator, Tracy Hartwell, through PTC Community. The next CAG meeting will be held during LiveWorx, as part of the event’s Service Transformation track.

3. Servigistics is attending five events in Q2

Q2 is going to be a busy (and exciting) quarter for us. Next month alone, we’ll be attending:

  • MRO Americas, April 10 – 12, in Orlando, FL, where we’ll showcase how our solution helps the U.S. Air Force, Lockheed Martin, and other organizations in the aerospace and defense sector increase aircraft availability.
  • Field Service Summit, April 11, in Coventry, UK, where Vinod Arekar, one of Servigistics’ supply chain experts, will participate in a round table on part demand intelligence.
  • Spare Parts Summit, April 12, in Coventry, UK, which Arekar will also attend, this time to discuss the importance of using equipment availability as your service parts supply chain’s key performance metric.
  • Field Service USA, April 17 – 20, in Palm Springs, CA, where attendees will have the opportunity to experience a demo of our Connected Service Parts Management solution.

Of course, the Servigistics team is hosting several sessions and meetings at LiveWorx, including a presentation on positioning supply chains to maximize equipment availability. Boeing Supply Chain Specialist, Michael Mohesky, and SimAcumen CEO, Dr. Andrea Lobo, will be co-hosting the session with Arekar.

To say “this is an exciting time for us” would be a disservice to our future. Our investment in Servigistics and client engagement won’t be subject to peaks and valleys, but constant change. The overarching goal of this business unit is to challenge the status quo, and rely on our clients’ feedback to continuously improve what we bring to the table.

If you want to learn more about how our Connected Service Parts Management solution works, watch a replay of our webinar on the technology below:

Watch IoT Parts Planning Webinar

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About the Author Bradley Rhoton

Bradley Rhoton is the Marketing Manager for the Servigistics Business Unit at PTC. He leads and organizes the Servigistics client affinity group organizations and facilitates best practice sharing and knowledge transfer between PTC, PTC clients and industry thought leaders. For 13 years he has worked closely with Servigistics clients to help capture their service program accomplishments and share their success stories.