Turning Up The Volume at Retail’s Big Show

Written by: LaCrystal Robinson

It seems the annual NRF Big Show thrives on the motto Go Big or Go Home.

This year looks to be no different with the theme “Retail Transformation." Speakers will examine the opportunities for the industry to look at bold new ways to commit and succeed amidst the changes taking place. The four key elements being addressed are technology, business performance and growth, innovation, and partnerships and collaborations.

First, a look back

Last year’s hot topic Machine Learning started this focus on the power of data. A few of the key takeaways were:

1. Define your need – As I explained in my post-NRF 2017 round up, data gains its strength through your direction. Retailers need to consider the purpose behind the data. What are the complex outcomes you want to understand and the actions you’ll want to take with the learning delivered?

2. Simple and relevant wins – During a panel discussion with Seth Hughes from Walgreens, he reiterated the idea that when you keep the language directed to data simple you’ll get stronger more useful data overall.

3. The longer you let data gather, the more you’ll learn. Machines learn over time, and allowing the models to run continuously to adapt and improve will give you ever-greater data sets. The machine picks up on observations and reacts to the patterns it notices to deliver as it gets to know you and your customers.

What can we expect this year then? More innovation, more technology, great networking opportunities, and an educational packed agenda.
When you visit with PTC (booth #4463) you’ll see how new technologies are helping companies transform how they work and the kinds of experiences possible for customers now. It’s an Innovation Celebration, as PTC technology experts and partners take retailers through Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality demos that are sure to inspire the way you deliver the retail experience.

There’s a lot going on with PTC for you to get in on this year. They’ll be opportunities to network with thought leaders and our technology partners, one-on-ones with our PTC thought leader and Retail Experts, cocktails, dinner - and that’s just the start. Stop by and join the celebration or schedule your events now to make sure you can be part of an exclusive list.

Click on the activities below for more details & to reserve your spot. Join as many events as you like!

January 14th - 16th: Register to meet with PTC technology experts one-on-one
January 14th: Cocktails at Cathy Hotka’s Retail Insider’s Party
January 15th: Dinner with executives at NYC Hotspot, Fine & Rare

See you for the Innovation Celebration!


PTC's Innovation Celebration

Join the Innovation Celebration at Retail's Big Show

Attending NRF 2018? Discover how PTC is using AR, PLM, and the IoT to transform retail.
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