Choose a PLM That’s Fit for the Future

Written By: Blake Simms
  • 4/4/2019
  • Read Time : 2 min

The PLM market for retail is hyper-competitive. Whether they’re starting out on their first project or replacing a solution that’s past its shelf-life, prospective PLM customers are hit with spin and success stories from every angle. In an ever-changing retail landscape, this makes it hard for brands and retailers to know which way to turn.

Working closely with independent retail PLM analysts and digital transformation experts WhichPLM, we identified a worrying trend. Not being equipped to accurately gauge the potential of different PLM platforms to tackle their immediate challenges and open the doors to longer-term strategic opportunities, brands and retailers were taking the path of least resistance.

Without the right tools to evaluate the entire PLM market, many were choosing to just follow in their competitors’ footsteps, becoming hung up on who was buying PLM rather than why. In many cases, this led to a selection process that failed to take account of their unique business needs.

To help potential PLM customers sidestep this snowball effect, we partnered with WhichPLM to co-author an exclusive Project Team Handbook – the first instalment in a multi-part content partnership that will run throughout 2019.

The handbook contains practical, impartial guidelines to unlocking the true potential of modern PLM - whether you’re completely new to the PLM market or a seasoned professional looking to migrate from an outdated solution to the cutting edge. We’ve also included exercises designed to help readers find the right balance between their immediate needs, future business opportunities and emerging technologies.

An engaging read, packed with useful content, the Handbook is now available to download completely free of charge.

Click here to download your copy.


Stay tuned to PTC Retail’s social channels throughout 2019 as we dive deeper into the best way to find a PLM partner fit for the future.

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About the Author

Blake Simms

Blake has an extensive international career in marketing and business development within the technology, fashion, retail and consumer products industries.

With a Degree in International Marketing Management, Strategy & Communications, Blake has worked for a variety of leading global organizations and supported them in developing and delivering their strategic vision and corporate goals.

As a Marketing Director, Blake has designed, implemented and executed both international and regional go-to-market strategies, with a strong focus on increasing brand awareness and reputation, developing acquisition/lead generation initiatives and delivering powerful sales-enablement tools.