Training for Windchill 11.1 at LiveWorx 2018

Written By: Julie Pike
  • 4/9/2018

LiveWorx ’18 is coming up and this year, we’ve got a host of exciting sessions and presentations for attendees. As usual, we also have some great training sessions for attendees who are looking to get a better understanding of products including new enhancements in Windchill 11.1.

We sat down with one of the trainers, Jean Pierre Le Coz – Corporate Education Development Specialist on ePLM for PTC University living in France – to hear more about what attendees of his sessions on Windchill 11.1 can expect. Jean Pierre is a longtime PTC employee, originally joining the company as a CAD specialist who gave product demonstrations to prospective customers. This role showed Jean Pierre that he wanted to move away from selling and work more with customers on their product deployments. Jean Pierre worked in customer service for many years, running a wide range of products: from short 10-day projects to longer term projects throughout Europe. 

While in this role, Jean Pierre began managing a group of consultants as a career manager. “This was my first exposure to people development,” he explains. “People development is key to success in product adoption, so we want our customers to quickly get value out of their solutions. I wanted to be a part of that, so now I’m working for PTCU, developing customers.” 


Jean Pierre is excited about the enhancements made in the recent launch of Windchill 11.1. “First, there’s greater platform support. We’re supporting new versions of the Windows server. We have also removed the Java applets, which will simplify the solution’s deployment,” explains Jean Pierre. “We also have made some enhancements around usability. These enhancements have been driven by user requests. By making enhancements based on user input, we have been able to make some improvements on features like cascading attributes. In fact, cascading attributes was the number one more requested enhancement requested by our customers.” 

What Jean Pierre is really excited about though, is the role Windchill 11.1 will play in developing smart, connected products. In the convergence of physical and digital, product lifecycle management (PLM) is key to establishing a digital product definition and developing the digital twin of a physical product. “In Windchill 11.1, we improved the ability to capture the complete definition of a product family within PLM,” explains Jean Pierre. “In addition, we have also worked on simplifying access to the digital definition [with ThingWorx Navigate and Augmented Reality].” 

Windchill 11.1 also introduces augmented reality (AR) capabilities to Windchill customers. “We can build a digital product definition, and publish the representation of the resulting product in AR.” Using AR in the product development process solves a number of use cases, including: connecting to the physical product to determine real-time behavior; conducting a product design review in a real-world environment; and sharing the product definition with disparate stakeholders. 

Jean-Pierre will be leading Liveworx attendees through a number of training sessions this year, including: 

  • Exploring Windchill 11.1 Enhancements – Tuesday, June 19th – This two-hour seminar will provide attendees with a summary of the new capabilities of Windchill in version 11.1. 
  • Update to Windchill 11.1 for Administrators and End Users – Wednesday, June 20th – A full-day, detailed review of Windchill 11.1 for Windchill PDMLink users and administrators with an understanding of Windchill PDMLink 11 capabilities and functions. 
  • Mastering CAD Driven Product Structure Management with Windchill PDMLink 11.1 – Thursday, June 21st – In this one-day Master Class, Jean Pierre will provide key training for CAD customers to start using Bill of Materials (BOM) management in Windchill. 

Click here to register for the above sessions or to learn more about other training programs happening at LiveWorx. And be sure to register for LiveWorx ’18. 



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