The Top Three Concerns of Upgrading to Windchill 11 (And How PTC Has Your Back)
Written by: Robert Brisman

Back in December, PTC launched PTC Windchill 11 – the industry’s first IoT-enabled PLM solution. We couldn’t wait to tell all of our customers who own previous generations of Windchill about the awesome new features that Windchill 11 boasts – including new search capabilities, role based apps, connected quality, and more. While most of our customers shared our enthusiasm for the new version of Windchill, some expressed concerns about upgrading their system. 

The PTC Customer Success team is here to address those concerns. We’ll take a look at the most common worries we hear from customers when deciding whether or not to upgrade to the latest version of Windchill:

1. Infrastructure Requirement Concerns – “Does my team have the bandwidth? Can they handle it? What will the business disruption be?” 

This is a valid concern. Upgrading enterprise systems can oftentimes signal a temporary disruption in service while the upgrade is going through – as well as be time-consuming for the organizational team members who are responsible for implementing the upgrade.

System upgrades require attention. PTC Customer Success is here to make the process as painless as possible. We can actually implement the upgrade for you -- freeing up your resources to focus on the projects that you need to work on. Furthermore, PTC Customer Success can help you move your organization’s Windchill system to the cloud – drastically reducing the time to deploy. 

2. Cost Concerns – “Upgrades are expensive – how can I quickly show ROI? Will there be unexpected costs along the way?”

We understand the need to make a valid business case and to quickly show value in your software investment. PTC Customer Success helps to make your upgrade to Windchill 11 fast, simple, and effective by developing an approach that perfectly suits your organization’s individual needs. With services such as the Windchill 11 Upgrade Assessment Service, our team will evaluate your organization’s readiness for the upgrade, identify the right approach for deployment, and target the new solution capabilities that address your business needs – helping your organization to realize the maximum value quickly.

Additionally, we offer “Decustomization Planning” to help customers understand the future risks and costs related to their current Windchill customizations. The service gives a clear view of what customizations can now be replaced with out-of-the-box capabilities – reducing upgrading risks and costs.  

3. Delayed Value Concerns – “Will we see value in the new features? Will the upgrade get complicated and force us to abandon the customized features we want to expedite the process?” 

PTC Customer Success offers expert-led training to ensure that customers realize the full potential of their deployment of PTC Windchill. Because user adoption is vital to long-term success with your software, PTC offers end-user training role-based solution adoption at scale. Not only that, because PTC Customer Success helps your organization deploy its Windchill upgrade quickly, users are able to see the value even more quickly than they would if they were to make the upgrade independently.

To learn more about how PTC Customer Success can help your organization upgrade to Windchill 11, visit


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About the Author Robert Brisman

Robert Brisman is a Senior Director at PTC Global Services and is currently the North American Consulting Community Lead. Prior to his current role, Robert was a Global Services’ PLM Practice Lead. Mr. Brisman has also served as a PLM Process Architect focusing on Model Based Enterprise and Modular Product Architecture.