Springtime: A Time for (BOM) Transformation

Written By: Tory Bois
  • 3/22/2017

Warm weather, longer days, blooming Cherry Blossoms, and an organized Bill of Materials (BOM). It’s springtime at PTC! Well, maybe spring is a stretch, but we know it’s just around the corner. While you often welcome the fresh air after a long winter, the onset of a new season can also be a reminder that your BOM transformation might not be as far along as you might have imagined.  But do not fret! An effective BOM strategy is not out of the question.

As you think about your existing BOM strategy, it’s critical to understand the key processes that will impact your infrastructure and product development. How are you tracking and managing your documentation? Do you have a change management strategy for your organization? What process do you have for addressing changes in design? These processes can be complex and tricky to manage and manually tracking this information can be time-consuming. Moving from a labor-intensive, uncontrolled process to something that is industry proven, automated and centralized could be the change that kicks your strategy into high gear. So how can you make the move quickly and ensure adoption amongst your users?

PTC Customer Success offers value ready deployments to help your organization achieve faster time to value from your BOM solution. Our proven, industry leading approach aligns with your specific business needs and can help you maximize the return on your investment. Our team of experts work directly with your organization, leveraging deployment best practices, flexible hosting options, and engaging user adoption techniques that support your BOM transformation. 

Want to learn how you can get started with a value ready deployment from PTC Customer Success? We had a booth with four industry experts at this week's PTC BOM Demo Day, sharing specific information about our data management, change management, and eBOM value ready deployments. Missed the event? You can watch the replay here and visit our booth to learn how you can maximize the value from your PLM investment faster with PTC Customer Success.

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About the Author

Tory Bois

Tory Bois is the Marketing Communications Specialist for PTC Customer Success. She is an experienced B2B marketer, with a background in technology and retail. Prior to joining PTC, Tory was the Senior Marketing Specialist at LEWIS, a global communications agency supporting clients across a variety of technology sectors and industries.