Smooth Sailing: How CNB Yachts Made the Production of Customized Yachts More Efficient

Written By: Julie Pike
  • 4/18/2017

As we find ourselves increasingly in the Experience Economy where customers demand a memorable shopping experience in addition to a high-quality product, organizations need to get creative in their sales process. One way is to allow customers to customize the products. Organizations that allow for the personalization of products – whether it’s L.L. Bean’s initialed backpacks that everyone “had to have” in middle school, or the do-it-yourself stuffed animals from Build-a-Bear – giving customers the power to make a product unique to their individual tastes is a powerful way to gain market share. However, one-off products can make the product development process a bit more complicated than it already is. 

Take, for example, CNB – the most prestigious name in custom high-end yachts. While offering customizable yachts is a major market differentiator for CNB, employees were finding that juggling the process planning and production of multiple orders at any given time was a major headache. In order to continue providing their customers with a unique experience, CNB opted to transform the way that it engineers and manufactures its products. As part of this transformation, CNB planned to:

  • Combine engineering, manufacturing, quality, and service data into a unified digital thread
  • Implement consistent Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and corporate-wide performance benchmarking to identify and implement best practices
  • Digitally design their manufacturing process and process plans

To achieve these goals, CNB deployed PTC’s product lifecycle management (PLM) solution, Windchill

This initiative has already proven to be lucrative for CNB and its customers. Windchill has enabled CNB to easily unify design, manufacturing, planning, and resources into a single source. They have also leveraged virtual product representations to streamline the development of process plans and optimize manufacturing planning across products and work sites. Having a complete digital process has given CNB the speed and flexibility to deliver custom luxury yachts at a lower price point than their competitors – helping CNB continue gaining market share in the luxury yacht business.  

Learn more about how CNB Yachts was able to completely transform the way that they manufacture products in our latest customer story, “Smooth Sailing: CNB Transforms its Bill of Materials for Customized Yachts”.  

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