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Written by: Nick Iandolo

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The Market Outlook: Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), 2019–2024, Worldwide report from Quadrant Knowledge Solutions is out and things are looking good for PTC!

Quadrant is a global advisory and consulting firm that provides Market Outlook and Strategy reports based on global mega trends among other strategic, consulting, and business services.

Here’s what they had to say about us at as a Global PLM Technology Leader for 2019:

“PTC offers robust functionalities to support emerging technologies, such as providing virtual reality and augmented reality for multiple industrial use cases, the digital twin of product and production processes, creating and maintaining a digital thread, additive manufacturing, and such others. PTC, with strong overall performance across the parameters of technology excellence and the customer impact, has been positioned as the clear technology leader in the global PLM market.”

Just look at how well we are positioned in the industry compared to our competition in the chart below:

Quadrant puts PTC ahead of Dassault and Siemens for PLM Customer Impact in 2019.

Quadrant puts PTC in the top three industry leaders for PLM Customer Impact in 2019.

According to Quadrant, PTC is positioned as the technology leader in the 2019 SPARK Matrix analysis of the global product lifecycle management market—especially in the area of Technology Excellence as show in the chart below:

Quadrant puts PTC at the top of the list for PLM Technology Excellence for 2019.

Quadrant puts PTC at the top of the list for PLM Technology Excellence.

Why is that?

Because PTC leads in the six following key technology differentiators:

  • Deployment and Ownership Experience
  • The Sophistication of Integrated BOM Management
  • Model-based Enterprise Strategy with Digital Twin and Digital Thread
  • Out-of-the-Box Applications and Functionalities
  • Technology Integration and Interoperability
  • PLM Analytics

In conclusion, Quadrant’s analysts had these final words to say about PTC:

Windchill, with comprehensive, configurable, and out-of-the-box applications for various PLM use cases, is well recognized amongst its customers for managing complexity at scale, delivering a strong customer ownership experience…PTC has received strong ratings for its sophisticated technology platform, competitive differentiation strategy, scalability, vision & roadmap, and overall customer impact. PTC is positioned as the technology leader in the 2019 SPARK Matrix analysis of the global product lifecycle management market.”


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