Providing PLM to Aerospace and Defense

Written By: Julie Pike
  • 8/26/2016

A few weeks ago, CIMdata – the leading global PLM strategic management consulting and research firm – named PTC as the leading provider of PLM collaboration software to the aerospace and defense (A&D) manufacturers for the second year in a row. 

A&D manufacturers continue to view investment in PLM strategies and technologies as a key means to innovate, differentiate, and drive efficiency into product development initiatives. Worldwide, these manufacturers seek to implement ways to modernize their technology infrastructures and business processes to meet rising market demand.

PTC has worked with many of the industry’s leading manufacturers as they continue to accelerate innovation and drive the next generation of aviation and defense products. Airbus Helicopters, for example, recently enlisted PTC Windchill as its product lifecycle management partner to ensure that its H160 helicopter – designed to be multi-purpose for all types of missions and with all types of passengers worldwide – was delivered on time and on quality. Windchill brought many benefits to the H160 project including concurrent engineering, appropriate and accurate configuration management, and transparency in monitoring the progress of the program on a daily basis. Windchill also enabled Airbus Helicopters to consolidate product data from multiple systems into one system that could be accessed by all of the various teams working on the H160. Learn more on how Windchill helped Airbus Helicopters deliver the H160 here

PTC has also worked with BAE Systems which was looking to centralize their product data and standardize processes across all business segments and acquisitions. In addition, with the decrease in government spending, BAE Systems determined it needed to be leaner while maintaining the level of quality that their customers had come to expect. PTC Windchill helped BAE Systems align their organization as well as drive down efficiencies and costs and boost competitiveness. You can learn more about this case study here

Lockheed Martin modeled its Orion spacecraft with Creo Parametric, managed it in Windchill, and visualized it with Creo View. Creo turned what usually takes hours into minutes because of the large-scale models they have to create. This became a key component of Lockheed Martin’s Digital Tapestry: a fully integrated electronic domain that weaves together all elements of Model Based Systems Engineering into a seamless digital environment. You can hear more about Lockheed Martin’s Digital Tapestry and the Orion spacecraft project here

To read other case studies on PTC A&D customers who have successfully deployed PTC PLM solutions, click here

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