Named Jim Heppelmann, CEO of PTC, King of the PLM Hill

  • 9/10/2019
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Jim Heppelmann, PTC CEO, puts on a grand stage spectacle for the LiveWorx 2019 keynote address. Named Jim Heppelmann, CEO of PTC, King of the PLM Hill is a leading online digital publication dedicated to helping engineers be better through keeping up to speed with the latest innovations, skills, and finding like minds to make a difference. Therefore, it was no surprise that in a recent article written by Verdi Ogewell titled PTC Puts the Needle to the Digital Thread, our own CEO at PTC, Jim Heppelmann, was declared the leading PLM visionary.

The breadth of the article was spent in comparison between Dassault Systémes CEO Bernard Charles and Siemens’ PLM chief Tony Hemmelgarn to Jim Heppelmann with regards to who can actually deliver on their grand Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) promises.

Jim was declared the king in that arena!

Marc Halpern, a Gartner analyst, was quoted in the article saying, “Jim Heppelmann maybe has the strongest story of all in the PLM and beyond the PLM area.”

The qualities that differentiate PTC from its competitors include a tightly-integrated but open suite of complementary technologies: Industrial Internet of Things and Internet of Things (IIoT/IoT), Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality (AR/MR), and Manufacturing Execution Systems (MR), all working in concert today to advance tomorrow’s manufacturing opportunities.

This was all driven home by the spectacular performance Jim and engineers from Volvo gave at LiveWorx 2019 around PLM using Volvo as an example. Like Steve Jobs at the Word Wide Developers Conference, Jim blew the minds of the audience with both his charisma and PTC’s AR technology mapped to a real-world truck engine.

Jim Heppelmann, PTC CEO, demonstrates the power of AR at the LiveWorx 2019 keynote address.

With a tablet running Vuforia, Jim was able to show how parts of the engine could be identified, broken out into sub-components, and serviced all with the touch of virtual buttons.

Jim made it a point that all this data serving up a unique AR experience would not be possible without PLM.

A fact not lost in Ogewell’s article.

“From a broad point of view, all these factors make PTC one of the leaders, if not the leading force, in the PLM area. What stands out compared to Dassault Systémes is the much smaller gap between PTC’s vision and capacity for delivery, as well as the fact that Dassault is still behind on PTC’s strongest areas: IoT, IIoT, AR/MR, and to some extent cPDm.”

The article then goes on the mention how our strategic partnership with Rockwell Automation is also paying off with regards to PTC’s rise in the PLM world.

"But even though we are early in the merger process, we have already gotten close to three dozen clear joint contracts," Heppelmann said, adding, "But in the pot there can be as many as four, maybe five thousand possible customers."

Ogewell ends his article framing what PTC and Jim Heppelmann are doing as a winning offensive!

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“No one brings the story together better than Heppelmann.” ~ Verdi Ogewell, Editor-in-Chief of VerkstadsForum PLM Magazine and

In the Game of PLM Thrones, you either win or you…lose market share!

Jim Heppelmann, PTC CEO, is King of the PLM Hill with his iron throne of Digital Transformation.

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