iRobot's Journey to Product Nirvana

Written By: Katie Scherbel
  • 11/1/2016

If you don’t own an iRobot Roomba, you’ve at least been mesmerized by the TV ads showing the Roomba vacuum robots darting around the room – squeezing into corners, sucking up every last hair and piece of dirt. With three pets of my own, I certainly have a Roomba on my holiday wish list. The Roomba is one of many interesting home robots that iRobot manufactures that has revolutionized the way people clean their homes. The Roomba offers you time back in your day – time you would have spent cleaning, and not to mention clean floors. 

Though iRobot was founded in 1990, the company did not invest in a product lifecycle management (PLM) until recently. iRobot initially deployed a Quick Start implementation of PTC Windchill in response to a company mandate, which in the beginning, served mainly as a vault for CAD drawings. 

Once all product data was migrated into iRobot’s PLM system, they adopted a parts-centric approach for developing products. Instead of relying on CAD drawings for information, they kept track of all product data throughout the product’s lifecycle in a Bill of Materials (BOM). 

To ensure that everyone – from Operations to Engineering -- was receiving maximum value from this new process, iRobot adopted a “Quick Win” approach. This helped iRobot to deploy projects more frequently in 3-6 month increments rather than pushing long-term, energy zapping projects.  The result? 

  • Quicker time to value
  • Universal access to product data
  • Cost cutting
  • More time back for the engineers

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