Everything You Assumed is Wrong: Take the Guesswork out of Product Development

Written By: Francois Lamy
  • 1/18/2017

Are you making assumptions about how your product is working in the field instead of using real world data? 

Do you depend too much on building physical prototypes of your product to determine its reliability and quality?

If you answered “yes” to either of the above questions, it’s time for you to take a look at the way that your company develops products. 

Albert Einstein said: “Assumptions are made and most assumptions are wrong”. There are a few other choice sayings about making assumptions that most of us know by heart and rattle off when someone prefaces a sentence with “I assume…” Yet despite the fact that we all know that we shouldn’t make assumptions, we still seem to think it is perfectly normal to make them in the product design process on requirements and how the product will perform in the field.

It’s time for your organization to invest in Performance Based Analysis. Put simply: Performance Based Analysis means replacing assumptions or boundary conditions about product requirements with real-world data. Sensors are becoming cheaper and more ubiquitous every day, making it possible to collect data from a product that is already in the field and feed it back into the design process. Not only will this improve the reliability of the product but it will enable you to find problems early in the product lifecycle.

Performance Based Analysis is a more cost-efficient method of product development. Finding problems early in the lifecycle and making better informed design decisions help reduce costly warranty claims later on. 

In addition, your organization will reduce costs by reducing the use of physical prototypes.

Project having an issue and you need to identify what it is? Create a prototype. Not sure if a design realistically makes sense? Create another prototype. Sometimes it seems like developers are making too many prototypes. Performance Based Analysis makes it possible to just create and sensor up just ONE prototype to identify all issues and confirm theories.

Performance Based Analysis is a manageable – but highly effective -- step in transforming the way that your organization develops products. Click here to learn more about Performance Based Analysis as well as other steps you can take to drive business results and continuous innovation by transforming your engineering practices and product designs.

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About the Author

Francois Lamy

Francois Lamy is the VP of PLM Solutions Management at PTC. He is responsible for driving PLM solutions strategy and roadmap, leading the PLM segment solution and product management team. Since joining PTC in 1998, Francois has held several product and people management positions in both MCAD and PLM organizations. He has a Bachelor of Sciences in mathematics and an MS degree in Mechanical Engineering from “Arts & Metiers”, France.