Don't Risk Downtime: Leverage the Full Breadth of PTC's Insight

Written By: Linda Frembes
  • 11/29/2018

Downtime for information technology and smart, connected systems can have a devastating impact on your business. Unplanned downtime cost businesses an average of $2 million over the last three years, according to Swift Systems. The financial impact is real, not to mention the downtime costs related to productivity, security, and overall system performance.

Perhaps worse, a system that is not optimized and that is under-performing can act as a blocker for end user adoption and efficiency, affecting their productivity and your bottom line. In a study by Unit4, it was found that lost productivity is costing the global service industry more than $5 trillion annually. In addition, this multi-country study found that “office workers spent 552 hours a year completing administrative or repetitive tasks; the equivalent to 69 work days or roughly one-third of the working year.” 

“To compete effectively for talent in the future, service organizations will need to make systems automated and self-driving to ensure productivity,” noted Stephan Sieber, CEO of Unit4.

As the technology that powers IoT and smart, connected systems advances and becomes more complex, it is imperative that companies have the right tools to find issues before they become problems resulting in downtime or inefficient, underperforming systems. To compound the situation, most technology teams are being asked to achieve more goals with less resources, with a progressive need to cut costs and manpower. 

For Windchill administrators, for example, keeping servers stable, secure, and responsive is a top priority. But what happens when an end user reports a problem? The Windchill administrator must then focus on reviewing log or configuration files to identify the issue, and then search the PTC Knowledge Base to find a solution. This process can be time-consuming and takes away from other priorities. 

PTC offers a new service solution called Proactive Support Services targeted to system administrators and business leaders who want to address pain points like maintaining systems and infrastructure, ensure system security, and improve system efficiency without a large overhead. Using our proprietary rules engine, Proactive Support Services automatically identifies hundreds of risks affecting stability, performance, and security – well before an end user notices system underperformance or issues. 

With one upload, system data is collected, identified, and checked against risk patterns known to be symptomatic to future problems. If a match is found, a solution recommendation will be provided to you via the Recommendation Tracker. These risk patterns are constantly monitored and updated by Product Experts within PTC’s Support organization to ensure that the most up-to-date information is always available to customers; thus, helping you to gain efficiency and time to focus on other important technology projects that require your attention. 

This new generation of technical support service detects issues in your PTC systems before they become problems, and you are notified of risks and suggested resolutions proactively – all in a few simple steps. Just upload your files, run the scan, and review suggested recommendations in the Recommendation Tracker!

“This is an incredibly valuable service. Windchill Method Server logs can be overwhelming to review and analyze. The idea of proactively reviewing logs and providing insight is a huge benefit and value for Windchill System Administrators,” commented Tom Sisler, Engineering Services, Knoll, Inc., who participated in the beta program. “We generally find ourselves reacting to events. This service will likely prevent issues, and as a result improve the entire lifecycle of Windchill operation and management. Thank you!”

Proactive Support Services are available today for the current supported products (Windchill) with future development to include all PTC products. Learn more about PTC’s Proactive Support Services by visiting the FAQ page, and then start your first scan today




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