PLM for Medical Device Manufacturers: Close the loop…and prepare for your Digital Transformation

Written By: Florian Spoerl
  • 1/18/2018

Imagine not having to worry about the traceability of regulatory requirements down to product parts. What if you had access to early insights into product behavior that helped optimize patient outcomes? What if you could also reduce the cost of compliance and quality?

Sounds like mission impossible, right?

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Balancing regulatory complexity, quality requirements and profitability while continuously striving to manufacture innovative products is not easy. To complicate matters, digital transformation initiatives force medical device companies to rethink entire processes and even their corporate culture.

We can’t change the rules of the game, but we can choose the best, smartest move. Though it was sometimes seen as an inconvenient IT burden in the past, PLM is in fact your springboard to digital transformation.

With the right PLM solution, you can start the transition from viewing every process in an isolated manner to embracing a closed-loop approach. Directly integrating regulatory workflows as early as possible in your design process and reviewing them in an agile way across the product development stage is the first step to your new quality backbone.

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About the Author

Florian Spoerl

Florian Spoerl is a sales manager at PTC. For more than five years he has been working with leading life science companies and gained a comprehensive understanding for the challenge of increasing product and process complexity. Having a background in biosciences, Florian is experienced in working with highly regulated markets.

Currently, he is focusing on evaluating concepts for Digitization in the medical device, pharmaceutical and diagnostics environment.