BOM is the New Black

BOM is the New Black

Written By: Katie Scherbel
  • 4/4/2017

No matter what industry you’re in, the buzz today is all around the Internet of Things (IoT), augmented reality (AR), and smart, connected devices. This stuff is hot. It’s differentiating. It can bring an organization from status quo to innovative in a blink of an eye. Take, for example, the furniture and home décor industry that has never really screamed “Innovative”. What used to be a brick and mortar experience has turned into a modern, virtual experience where customers can use AR to visualize a piece of furniture in their own home. Furniture shopping is now something you can do with a glass of wine in your pajamas instead of dragging yourself to the furniture store on a Sunday. If your company doesn’t have technologies such as AR on its roadmap, it will soon. But to take a step forward into this great new digital era, most will have to take a small step back and first evolve their digital processes.

This brings me to the virtual conference that PTC’s PLM team hosted earlier this month – Steps to Digital Transformation Through the BOM. You might be saying to yourself: “Bill of Materials? Ugh! I’ve been hearing about BOM for years and years – this is not the shiny new coin of a project that will attract my management team.” True: Laying the foundation is not the exciting part of digital transformation – but it is necessary to get you to that shiny new coin of a project. 

The live virtual conference, which we’re excited to now offer On Demand, featured a multitude of breakout sessions covering topics from BOM Structure to Change Management, Connected PLM and more. There were ten sessions offered in total, plus virtual PTC and partner booths and rich content such as the How to be a Boss at BOM Management Podcast, a Getting Started with Parts eBook, a 10 Ways to Transform Your BOM White Paper, and of course plenty of product information on Windchill, PTC’s Product Lifecycle Management solution.

With over 1,100 registered attendees, and nearly 1,200 views to our breakout sessions, I am convinced that BOM is becoming the ‘new black’ once more. Why? People need the BOM. It’s BOM-tastic. It’s BOM-ilicious. It’s the BOM dot com. BOM is in again – and we want to make it easy for organizations to embrace and transform their BOM and get their teams ready for what’s to come on their roadmap. 

I invite you to visit our conference – take a look around and poke through the breakouts…this information will help to outline the next steps to your digital transformation.

Click here to register or get in contact with a PTC BOM expert if you’re ready to start your next BOM project. Not sure if you want to join in? See a three-minute sample of one of the sessions available. 

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About the Author

Katie Scherbel

Katie Scherbel is the Director of Product Marketing for PTC’s PLM division. She is a content crafter by trade with over 10 years of experience in the tech industry, specializing in PLM, digital transformation, big data, cloud, storage and converged architectures. Before joining PTC, Katie was the Alliances Marketing Manager at SimpliVity Corporation and worked in partner and solutions marketing at EMC.