All I Want for Christmas is... A Well Organized Product Development Process

Written By: Julie Pike
  • 12/16/2016

‘Tis the holiday season and with the pressure of the holiday season is the added pressure to meet year-end goals. Forget a new coffee machine at the office or the Jelly of the Month Club! It sounds like what you really need to ask your manager for Christmas is an effective Bill of Materials (BOM) strategy. 

Like many organizations, you are probably keeping track of all your product data on various databases. But during especially busy times, such as the holiday season, is the process of comparing information in multiple databases realistic – or even manageable? Structuring all of your parts and product information into a BOM streamlines all data into an easy-to-read and understand format. So if your colleague is being a Scrooge about sharing his drawings, you can still get your hands on all the data that he’s holding hostage! 

Accuracy and transparency are on the “Nice” list this year! 

To be sure that your team is accessing and sharing the most accurate product information across the product lifecycle, make sure that change management is woven into the fabric of your BOM strategy. Your team will be able to make fast-paced, coordinated changes to information in the BOM that all stakeholders throughout the product lifecycle will see immediately. 

There are no gift receipts for parts duplication

Have you ever given someone a gift you know they really wanted… only to find out that they already received the same gift from someone else? A BOM strategy can help reduce the occurrence of part duplication by classifying parts into related categories such as function or physical characteristics. This will help get the product to market faster as well as reduce the costs associated with part inventory. 

The season of giving

Finally, the BOM reduces the complexity of the supply chain by aligning parts, material, and supplier information into a strategic supply chain process. You can even easily gift-wrap a secure package of the most up-to-date relevant product data for your external stakeholders.

Be sure to add a PLM solution with a BOM strategy to your holiday wish list and you’ll glide smoothly into 2017 with a well-organized product development process. Click here to learn more about how managing a Bill of Materials can help your team achieve product development Nirvana.

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