5 by 5: 5 New Features of ThingWorx Navigate 1.5 That Will Break Down Silos in Your Organization

Written By: Chris Bergquist
  • 6/29/2017

Anyone with background on radio communication knows the phrase “Five by five” means that a transmission is coming through loud and clear. For manufacturers, transmitting information clearly throughout the organization requires breaking down siloes between departments and teams. It requires universal data access for all stakeholders in the product lifecycle. 

With the launch of ThingWorx Navigate, a set of enterprise system apps, PTC revolutionized the way that organizations view, contribute to, and author production information stored in their various enterprise systems. With today’s launch of ThingWorx Navigate 1.5, we’re looking to make your data even more universally accessible. Supported by ThingWorx 8.0, Navigate 1.5 boasts exciting new features that will continue to break down siloes in your organization and make your stakeholders say, “I’m getting that information loud and clear”. To keep with the theme of Lucky Number 5, below you’ll find the top 5 features of ThingWorx Navigate 1.5:

1. Single sign-on support: With single sign-on, users can log on just once to their device and get secure access to Windchill and all the connected systems with no additional log-in requests. Organizations can have confidence that each user is only accessing the systems and data that they are permitted to for their role and identify provided when they first signed on.  Single sign-on eliminates the need for organizations to use admin user names to access connected systems – adding an extra layer of security for your organization’s data.

2. Available on any browser or device: With a cross-platform viewer, users can access enterprise data on the go from whatever device they have available (whether laptop, tablet, or smartphone) on whatever browser is available (Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, or Safari). Making data management even easier: Navigate 1.5 automatically adjusts what is displayed on the screen to optimize the experience for the specific screen size, aspect ratio, or resolution of the device and browser used   


3. SAP integration: ThingWorx Navigate 1.5 boasts a new integration framework with an out-of-the-box SAP connector. Customers can also dynamically tailor for each role the SAP and Windchill information that is displayed together in a parts list, part structure or properties panel.  This means that each role can see just the information from SAP, Windchill and other connected systems needed and arranged together to provide the ideal experience for that role to make decisions.  There is no longer a need to log into multiple systems and to export and to manually merge the needed information to support decisions—and potential errors introduced with manual merging are eliminated.

4. Download zip files of drawings: Good news for your colleagues in Purchasing! With ThingWorx Navigate 1.5, users can quickly get all drawings associated with a list of parts needed by a supplier for a quote or to build purchased parts.  The list of parts that might come from email or a spreadsheet can be simply pasted into the Navigate app which collects and downloads a zip file of associated drawings. Purchasing parts has never been easier! 

5. View document structures: Users of ThingWorx Navigate 1.5 can now view and navigate document structures and download content from any document within these structures.

And because we’re just so excited about ThingWorx Navigate 1.5, here is a bonus feature to get your team excited too:

Download any design file type: Whether PDF, Plot, IGES, or STEP, users can now view and directly download just the file type they are interested for each row in a parts list.

Click here to learn the latest about ThingWorx Navigate. 



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About the Author

Chris Bergquist

Chris Bergquist is a Senior Director of PLM Solutions at PTC. Chris has held product leadership roles with PTC in PLM for 18 years covering enterprise collaboration and workflow, project, program and portfolio management and CAD and document configuration management. He has over 30 years of experience in engineering and Computer-aided Design and Manufacturing.