Why Time-to-Value Is a Critical Component of Digital Transformation
Written By: Greg Kaminsky
7/23/2019 Read Time : 3 min

As technology continues to transform the way that products are designed, built, and deployed, industrial organizations are being flooded with valuable data and insights across the value chain. From engineering and manufacturing, to aftermarket service and the customer experience, reliable access to actionable data is pushing the potential of today’s smart, connected product offerings. Manufacturers are actively competing to differentiate their products by introducing IoT and AR enabled services that add value for customers. Unique combinations of hardware, software, and IT services are accelerating this innovation.

Given this pace of innovation, industrial companies need a trusted cloud provider to deliver the security, speed, and scalability that their products and customers rely on. Deploying out-of-the-box solutions like Windchill and ThingWorx on Microsoft Azure ensures a rapid time-to-value, so industrial enterprises can quickly integrate things like predictive maintenance and mixed reality into their offerings, without having to build complicated custom solutions that they have to maintain over time.

At last month’s LiveWorx, Sam George, head of Microsoft Azure IoT, and Kathleen Mitford, EVP of Products at PTC, discussed why time-to-value is such a critical component of digital transformation. The joint presentation also served to help clarify the benefits of the unique partnership between PTC and Microsoft.



Industrial organizations are benefiting from the rapid time-to-value that Microsoft and PTC’s pre-built joint solutions deliver. By incorporating industrial IoT and augmented and mixed reality capabilities into their products, companies like ESAB, Howden, and BAE Systems are differentiating their offerings and processes by adding value.

Discover how the synergy between Microsoft and PTC enables smarter connected products, services, and operations.

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