Top Three Considerations for Determining the Business Value of Connectivity

Written by: Claire Cavanaugh

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Machine connectivity provides manufacturers with actionable, enterprise-wide insights into their operations—and properly implemented connectivity is the first key step toward better data insights.

Manufacturers have a lot to learn from these insights—but how can they overcome that critical first challenge of improving connectivity?  Let's take a look:

Determining Connectivity ROI

Manufacturers may find it helpful to learn from their peers’ approaches to connectivity while determining their own connectivity ROI and payback period. Consider the following ways to learn from machine connectivity insights:

Consideration 1: How machine connectivity plays a role in an enterprise-wide digital transformation

IoT-ready machine connectivity provides a strong foundation for digital transformation across the enterprise. Learning how machine connectivity plays a role in peers’ digital transformation can help manufacturers prepare for their own—and choose the right connectivity solution to get there.

Consideration 2: The general impacts of machine connectivity across the plant floor

Machine connectivity doesn’t just ready the plant floor for transformation. What other impacts can manufacturers expect to see after connecting to their machines? This is a critical consideration for players at any industrial environment when choosing the connectivity solution that best aligns with their initiatives.

Consideration 3: Expert recommendations for machine connectivity initiatives

Leveraging comprehensive survey data and interview insights, technology research and advisory firm ARC Advisory Group has a new report covering the key factors that manufacturers commonly consider when determining the business value of industrial connectivity. ARC also includes their expert recommendations for machine connectivity initiatives.

Download the ARC report to start learning from your peers’ approach to connectivity—and determining your own ROI—today.

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