Top 3 Value Drivers for Remote Machine Monitoring
Written by: Claire Cavanaugh

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Remote machine monitoring provides the accessible, real-time insight enterprises need to make proactive decisions, address problems before they occur, and ensure enterprise-wide visibility. For industrial machine builders who make equipment that goes into end users’ facilities, the benefits of IoT-enabled remote monitoring extend beyond service into customers’ operational environments.

Are you maximizing the benefits of remote machine monitoring—both for you and your customers? Here are the top three remote monitoring benefits that drive value for industrial machine builders:

Value Driver 1: Smoother Integration

Building in connectivity now is the foundational step for simpler data delivery down the road. Industrial machine builders who implement pre-built connectivity ensure visibility into performance when a machine enters the end user’s environment. This makes for a smoother integration with the end user’s OT system—and prevents any difficulty gathering valuable performance data from the machine later on.

Value Driver 2: More Valuable Data Delivery

Beyond simpler data delivery, remote machine monitoring opens up opportunities to create additional value-added applications for your customers.

With the ease of connectivity from a pre-built solution, industrial machine builders are offering additional software and applications that provide previously unavailable data and improve visibility. For end users, this informs data-backed operational and scheduling processes and improves uptime.

Value Driver 3: A Broader View into Operations—and Reduced Downtime

Industrial machine builders can provide a broader view into end-user operations where their machines live. By monitoring other connected assets across those systems, you’ll optimize operations with upstream and downstream equipment and provide additional predictive service opportunities, which reduce downtime.

Drive Further Value with Remote Machine Monitoring

Are you making the most of real-time, remote data access? IoT-enabled remote monitoring improves customer uptime and delivers key value for industrial machine builders.


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