The 3 Most Common IoT Roadblocks
Written By: Cam Dufty

Adopting new technology takes time and work—and IoT technology is no exception. Even the out-of-box IoT platforms require different departments working together to create the best value for your money. There are often many different stakeholders involved and a lot of back-and-forth cooperation to get it going—which is why it’s extra frustrating when an IoT strategy goes off the rails.

As you explore implementing IoT, there are three key phrases to watch out for—or risk having your digital initiatives stopped before they can even start.   

The 3 Most Dangerous Phrases in IoT

If you’ve initiated an IoT strategy or discussed deploying new smart manufacturing software, this short video will likely be familiar. It lays out the biggest roadblocks that PTC experts encounter when partnering with clients to create integrated, connected plant floors. Watch the video to learn what to keep an eye on when exploring IoT—and how your peers are addressing the same industry-wide issues.

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About the Author Cam Dufty

Cam Dufty has been writing about software and emerging technology for more than ten years. At PTC, she works closely with IoT, AR and CAD experts to help tell the story of how smart, connected operations are revolutionizing manufacturing around the world.