PTC Joins Infosys to launch the Smart Energy Management Test Bed
Written By: Melissa DiEgidio

Use Case

The World Economic Forum identified “rising energy costs” as 6th highest economic risk. Organizations need to be mindful and ensure they manage the consumption of energy resources. New Internet of Things (IoT) applications that leverage connectivity, big data and analytics are enabling Smart City initiatives all over the world. As a result, IoT offerings are transforming cities by improving infrastructure, creating more efficient and cost effective municipal services, enhancing public transportation, reducing traffic congestion, and keeping citizens safe and more engaged in the community.

Infosys, a member of the Industrial Internet Consortium, is leading the Smart Energy Management Testbed, with contribution from Consortium members PTC and Schneider Electric. Using a Smart City concept the testbed will monitor, visualize, analyze and optimize the consumption of energy leveraging secure sensors, meters and digital controls, and analytics.


  • Vision – set a model ecosystem at Mysore Campus which will be a representation for any Smart City implementation
  • Focus – ensure the energy consumed for various purposes within the city is monitored, analyzed and optimized in order to ensure minimal consumption, maximum comfort level and reduction in costs

The Testbed

The 350-acre Infosys Mysore campus is home to several thousand trainees and employees. The biggest attraction in the campus is the training center itself, the largest single building built after India’s independence. Smart Cities help meet diverse needs including:

  • Automated energy saving strategies
  • Measure, monitor and manage energy by detail
  • Monitor and optimize energy efficiency different equipment like HVAC, generators, UPS
  • Provides data to optimize future building designs
  • Provide IT tools like Alarms, Notifications, Workflows and Augmented Reality to the operators to maintain the system

“Our model ecosystem at Mysore will serve as a live, replicable example of smart city innovations that will harness all the advantages of digitization. These technologies promise to revolutionize the physical spaces we inhabit; and Mysore as the spiritual center of our company and a magnificent space in which we learn and teach, offers the best venue for this great endeavor.”

Dr. Vishal Sikka, CEO & MD, Infosys Ltd

Interested in learning more about the Smart Energy Management Test Bed, visit the website for additional resources:

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