Revenue-Driving Service Models with Remote Condition Monitoring

Written By: Cam Dufty
  • 6/12/2018
Remote Monitoring Quick Wins

Your machines are trying to talk to you. They’ve got lots to say—and if you have the tools to listen, you can keep them running smoother and your customers feeling happier.

Listening to the Lifeblood of Your Machines

With remote monitoring, you have a direct connection to the lifeblood of your deployed industrial machines—the performance data that indicates if the machines are healthy, struggling, or completely flat-line. Viewing and analyzing this data in real-time enables you to increase customer satisfaction while decreasing costs. 

In our new “Quick Wins and Long-Term Results with Remote Condition Monitoring” e-book, we look at how service industry leaders are using IoT-enabled remote monitoring to become more efficient, proactive and successful. The e-book includes real-world use cases and analyses of how remote monitoring provides:

  • New sources for service revenue – When you can show customers in-depth analytics on how you reduce downtime and proactively solve machine issues, you can sell contracts built on those promises—creating revenue-driving service models that customers see as a true value-add partnership, not just a “hope we never have to call you” last resource.
  • Better informed and more proactive technicians – When you have real-time visibility into why a machine is struggling, you can prevent that struggle from becoming a full shut-down. Predictive maintenance through remote monitoring enables improved uptime for your customers and more efficient repairs from your technicians. 
  • Reduced truck rolls and increased first-time fix rates – When you get the right information before you leave the office, you can bring the right tools for the job the first time. Your customers appreciate the high first-time fix rates, and you save money with fewer truck rolls.

These are just a few of the quick wins explored in our new e-book. Download a copy to find out how your service peers are using remote monitoring to make the most of these benefits, and how it’s impacting their service model in holistic and unexpected ways.

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