Real-World Results of Improved IIoT-Based Service Across the Enterprise

Written by: Claire Cavanaugh

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Service ecosystems like yours are launching IIoT-based strategies and seeing results that extend beyond service for improved scalability, predictive problem-solving, and more. But your service strategy is only as strong as the benefits it provides to your customers. Whether you’ve only just defined these goals or you’ve already reached some of them with IIoT-based service, you have the opportunity to learn from your peers’ IIoT journey.

Here are four real-world IIoT results for improved service across the enterprise—and some considerations for reaching them:

1. Faster Repairs

A good service lifecycle management (SLM) strategy values the customer first—and faster repairs can mean happier, long-lasting customers who drive profitable results for your service ecosystem. According to PTC customer results, PTC customers have reduced their mean-time-to-repair by 50% with IIoT-based service.

2. Increased Customer Satisfaction

Speaking of happier customers—customer satisfaction is a key benefit of better service, and IIoT-based tools can help achieve it with improved uptime and predictive service. With these tools, PTC customers have seen a 33% increase in customer satisfaction.

3. Reduced Downtime

Downtime is the enemy of good service. Service ecosystems realize reduced downtime using remote monitoring, with PTC customers reporting a 15 to 40% reduction in unplanned downtime. Service ecosystems can achieve this goal with the heightened visibility and opportunity for collaboration enabled by IIoT and remote monitoring.

4. Improved Visibility Across the Enterprise

In addition to reducing downtime, IIoT-enabled visibility can bring other key benefits such as improved communication between all players across the enterprise, leading to better insights and better collaboration.

Results of IIoT-based service don’t stop at the four we’ve outlined here. Take a look at the Survey Analysis: The Top Five Ways the IIoT Enables Enterprise-Wide Innovation eBook based on the 2017 survey by IDC Manufacturing Insights to learn more top drivers behind SLM strategies.

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