PTC and Ericsson Enhance IoT Offerings for Telecom Operators

Written By: Candace Letizia
  • 5/18/2018

Learn About the Benefits of this Exciting New Partnership

We are excited to share that the Ericsson IoT Accelerator cloud-based platform has been enhanced with features and functionalities from the ThingWorx Industrial Innovation Platform. Because of this new partnership, Telcos can more quickly and easily build and launch compelling IoT applications and services.

“The Ericsson-PTC collaboration is very complementary given Ericsson’s strengths in handling connectivity at scale and PTC’s ThingWorx’s rapid application enablement platform,” shared Kari Terho, Head of Smart Factory Management at Elisa Industrial IoT, a telecommunications, ICT and digital service company based in Finland.

For Telcos, this is very exciting news. In addition to all of the great features the Ericsson IoT Accelerator already provides, ThingWorx enriches the platform so users can expect:

  • Rapid Application Development: The easy modelling and drag-and-drop functionalities from ThingWorx make it easier than ever before to create and deliver IoT applications
  • AR Experience Building: ThingWorx Studio empowers organizations to harness data from IoT solutions and other systems to create engaging AR experiences – without writing any code!

“PTC is delighted to be collaborating with the Ericsson team to give Telcos the tools needed to advance the development of IoT applications and AR experiences,” said Catherine Kniker, CRO, ThingWorx & Vuforia. “With this collaboration we look forward to capturing the global market potential for IoT solutions and enabling our joint customers to scale quickly.”

To learn more about the new features and functionalities that are now included in the Ericsson IoT Accelerator, visit our website to explore the ThingWorx Industrial Innovation Platform.

Or, visit Ericsson IoT Accelerator on the PTC Marketplace to learn more about the platform and how you can get started!

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