How to Measure Your Investment in Industry 4.0

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As the benefits of Industry 4.0 develop an ever-growing role in manufacturing environments, industrial professionals face a substantial challenge in quantifying their investments. Whether you’re considering investing in Industry 4.0 technologies, or are evaluating the impact of existing investments, you know the importance of being able to justify these investments to your stakeholders by showing improvement in plant floor productivity, efficiency, cost savings, and ROI. But how do you get started? Which metrics matter? And above all, what results should you expect?

Identifying Metrics that Matter in Your Digital Transformation

In the new white paper, Quantifying the Value of Digital Transformation in Manufacturing, you’ll learn about Industry 4.0 approaches to limiting downtime, increasing visibility, enhancing operational performance, addressing the manufacturing skills gap, creating ongoing scalability, and more.

Measuring Industry 4.0 Outcomes Across the Enterprise

Industry 4.0 enables manufacturers to not only understand their data through industrial IoT platforms, but to engage with that data through immersive, augmented reality (AR) experiences.

This kind of technology is new to the manufacturing world and can be implemented using agile methodologies, a significantly different approach than traditional enterprise software. It’s no wonder your Industry 4.0 initiatives also require an entirely new approach for ROI and value determination.

Quantifying the Value of Digital Transformation in Manufacturing dives into the real-world results of Industry 4.0 implementation across manufacturing ecosystems like yours, segmented into three categories: assets, workforce, and production processes. 

For example, by leveraging Industry 4.0 solutions, HIROTEC uncovered counterproductive processes that were slowing operations and ultimately used real-time data to improve efficiency and limit costly machine spending.

Once you’ve explored this Industry 4.0 use case and others, PTC provides the expert insight to shift your focus back to your own Industry 4.0 journey. In reading through the white paper, you’ll learn about the quantitative results you can expect from an internal Industry 4.0 valuation. 

Kicking Off Your Industry 4.0 Journey

Industry 4.0 presents infinite opportunities for improvement across your manufacturing operations—from enhanced operational performance and a more flexible and agile workforce to real-time visibility.

Throughout the white paper, PTC provides the needed industry expertise to guide manufacturers through:

  • Assessing how Industry 4.0 solves common manufacturing challenges
  • Measuring enterprise-wide success with Industry 4.0 initiatives
  • Harnessing tools for sustainable, continued value analysis
  • Launching a productive Industry 4.0 journey and receiving ongoing expert guidance
  • And more!

Download the white paper to learn more about measuring your Industry 4.0 investment.

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