How IoT Will Change IT, and When

Written by: Linda Frembes

While it may seem new, the IoT has roots in the tech world that stretch back for decades – dating back to the first machine-to-machine (M2M) connection and data exchange. Today, the IoT is not an abstract concept or an untested idea. The IoT is ubiquitous and a part of everyday life, from your smartphone to connected homes or cars and smart, connected industrial devices.

The rise of the IoT platform in recent years has taken IoT functionality to a new level. Businesses who are implementing an IoT strategy often go through a “build or buy” exercise, and find that a robust IoT platform is their best choice for achieving optimal results and ROI. As noted in a previous post, “companies may underestimate what’s required to achieve even the most basic connectivity.”

The IoT’s impact on IT should also not be overlooked. In a new report, Matthew Perry of O’Reilly Media explores key considerations for future-proofing elements of your IT stack and for smoothing the transition to IoT components. The report looks at the devices and people you want to connect, but also the network upgrades necessary to connect them—including data flow, APIs and end user applications, and robust security.

For companies who want to find clarity around the impact of IoT on IT, this O’Reilly report will help you sort through criteria you need to think about when planning for the IoT. With the guidelines in this report, you’ll learn how to prepare for an IoT platform that specifically meets the needs of your business and its customers.

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