Getting the Most Out of Your LiveWorx Experience

Written by: Cam Dufty

Improved business processes, optimized plant performance, unlocked KPI data and benchmarking tools—the industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) continues to rapidly evolve to meet manufacturers’ needs.

Whether you’re just exploring IIoT, or looking to expand your connected solutions’ impact, LiveWorx has sessions focused on the tools, processes, and tactics you need. From the baseline issues of data connectivity and collection, to more customized, in-depth questions of security and machine learning, LiveWorx is your one-stop for IIoT in-depth.

Building your LiveWorx playbook

But there’s so much to learn, and so many options, that LiveWorx can easily become overwhelming. We’ve collected some of the IIoT-focused highlights, to help you build the LiveWorx experience that best supports your smart manufacturing goals

New to IIoT? Start with “Session IN105CU - A Golden IIoT Approach.” You’ll hear how Dundee Precious Metals, Inc. incorporated IoT, including their business case results and how they approached creative IIoT projects that expanded beyond industry norms. Hearing from the end-users at Dundee will give you a real-world look at the ways IIoT is helping your peers, and spark ideas of how it could support your initiatives.

Expanding Your IIoT? If you’re exploring IIoT beyond the foundational use cases, “Session CP87B – Edge 2.0: Next Generation IIoT Using Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence” will give you strategies for incorporating sophisticated data sets and tools to unlock benchmarking patterns and other in-depth, out-of-the-box insights.

Exploring a Full Digital Transformation? AI121B - Artificial Intelligence Strategy: Digital Transformation Through Deep Learning” has got you covered. You’ll learn how artificial intelligence is disrupting traditional digital transformation methodologies, and how to build your strategies and infrastructure to support next-gen IIoT.

These three sessions are just a miniscule sampling of LiveWorx’s in-depth IIoT coverage. Visit the sessions page, sort by IIoT—or one of the myriad other topics, including Industry 4.0, Digital Engineering, AR, and many more—to create your ideal LiveWorx playbook.

Explore IIoT at LiveWorx

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