Gain Deeper Insights into Operational Performance with Plant Benchmarking

Written by: Claire Cavanaugh

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In an increasingly competitive industry demanding a greater and greater edge from its professionals, manufacturers can leverage plant benchmarking to implement better data and discover best practices within and across their plants.

Learn from Your Peers’ Plant Benchmarking Initiatives

Plant benchmarking initiatives allow manufacturers to harness data from both new and legacy assets for smarter decisions and smarter investments. Your peers in manufacturing are leveraging these insights to:

  • Achieve more reliable data, making smarter, faster decisions, and leveraging data-backed investments
  • Initiate plant benchmarking within and across their plants for enterprise-wide visibility and a greater understanding of operational performance
  • Measure the success of plant benchmarking across multiple plants

To learn how your peers are taking these steps with plant benchmarking, watch IndustryWeek’s full video below. Throughout, you’ll have access to research-backed insights to inform your multi-plant benchmarking journey.


To learn more about what plant benchmarking initiatives could mean across your enterprise, explore more PTC resources to inform your path toward best practices today.


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