Tips to Fast-Track Industrial IoT Solution Development
Written By: Alexandra Sciocchetti

Any new advanced technology will require a lot of resources to build, implement, and deploy. An IoT solution is no exception. To really create value and make it possible for any size company to take advantage of it, there needs to be ways to accelerate the development process – make it easier, faster and give you competitive advantage.

Tip 1: The way we develop solutions needs to change

Building an industrial IoT solution is a complex process that involves many different components such as cloud technologies, embedded systems, services, analytics, connectivity networks, products, and more. Each requires its own set of capabilities and expertise.

Overlooking the complexity, many companies still choose to start from scratch and do it all in house, and this ends up exhausting available resources before they are able to create measurable results.

Tip 2: An ecosystem can provide many of the components you need

The ecosystem plays a major role in developing industrial IoT solutions efficiently. We need to make it easier to manage and establish accessible ways for companies to cooperate, enable them to share resources since ecosystems provide many of the components that are needed. How easily you can leverage the ecosystem will therefore have an immediate impact on the efficiency of your development process.

Tip 3: Online Marketplaces

Online marketplaces for IoT allow consumers and providers of IoT technology to collaborate and share resources in an easy and effective way, to collaborate more closely and enables both parties to deliver early and quick wins. And the idea of co-creating value and sharing pre-built components accelerates IoT adoption, which in turn makes developing IoT solutions less time consuming and a lot easier.

ThingWorx Marketplace content is created by developers, engineers, ThingWorx Solution Providers, Services and Technology partners and can be leveraged by both partners and customers looking to add value to their own industrial IoT offerings and accelerate their time to market. Solution builders and buyers can shop the marketplace to find a wide variety of technologies and resources including; ready to use commercially available solutions, customizable reference solutions, hardware, software, services, pre-certified extensions, starter kits, cloud and communications services and more! These components can be used independently, in combination, as-is or can be customized to drive value to solutions all across the Industrial IoT value chain.

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About the Author Alexandra Sciocchetti Alexandra Sciocchetti is the Product Marketing Manager for ThingWorx Marketplace and based in Exton, PA. Having worked in the IoT space since 2012 and being fascinated by the topic ever since, Alexandra focuses on questions surrounding trends and best practices in IoT development as well as the effects the IoT will have on business.