Driving Workforce Productivity with Industrial IoT

Written by: Claire Cavanaugh

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As modern manufacturers face greater and greater competition, they’re pressured to deliver increasingly-complex, customized products—a goal that becomes difficult to accomplish without a flexible, agile workforce. A lack of skilled operators in front-line roles increases this pressure for many manufacturers.


Elevating Performance with ThingWorx Operator Advisor

With the ThingWorx Operator Advisor app, operators get a unified view of crucial work order, work instruction, machine, and smart tool data. Operator Advisor enables them to gain the insights needed to hit production goals while streamlining operations and simplifying the workforce transition to building new, complex products or new tasks.

For operators on the plant floor, the intuitive, single-screen platform presents integrated data from disparate machines, offers clear instructions, provides real-time production insights, and ensures accurate, timely communication of potential challenges and errors—before they become a larger problem in operations or product quality.

For executives on the top floor, Operator Advisor improves enterprise-wide operational visibility, limits extensive operator training on multiple IT and OT systems, cuts costs related to scrap and extra work, and addresses a problematic skills gap by giving operators the tools they need to learn complex production processes from the inside out.

Available now, the new Operator Advisor app is your key to greater plant floor productivity, enhanced product quality, and simplified operator workflows. Start your free trial today.

To learn more about IIoT implementation for streamlined manufacturing operations, watch the Bridging the Physical, Digital, & Human Divide: How IIoT Transforms Workforce Efficiency webcast replay.


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