Special Report: Does Remote Condition Monitoring Provide a Competitive Advantage?
Written By: Cam Dufty

RTInsights—an independent research agency focused on emerging technology—has released a new special report on remote monitoring and how it is impacting business opportunities across the industrial sector.

Analyzing the new intricacies of modern remote monitoring, RTInsights presents use case-based research on how the technology is:

  • Impacting lines of business and innovation opportunities
  • Influencing customer satisfaction, with a focus on service strategies, service issue resolution, and predictive analytics
  • Effecting service costs and other business-oriented goals

According to RTInsights, today’s remote monitoring is enabled primarily by “a new generation of intelligent IoT platforms that provide secure, embeddable, and easily deployable connections to sensors, devices and equipment across network topologies and communication scenarios.”

Read the special report to explore RTInsights’ findings on the use cases, challenges, and opportunities provided by remote monitoring.

Does Remote Condition Monitoring Provide a Competitive Advantage?

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