Connect, Aggregate and Analyze: A Quick-Start Guide to IoT

Written by: Cam Dufty

A major benefit of the Internet of Things (IoT) is customization: creating custom applications, collecting custom data, connecting custom plant floor ecosystems and so on. But these many customization opportunities can also be overwhelming—how do you know what’s possible until you implement IoT solutions? But how do you implement IoT solutions, until you know what’s possible? These “unknown unknowns” can bog down the onboarding, as decision-makers get caught up in planning for the biggest ROI to justify the new solution.

Quick-Starts That Build to Long-Term Value
Tech-Clarity, an independent research firm that studies how manufacturers use software, wrote the new “Quick-Start Guide: Monitoring Equipment with IoT” e-book to help manufacturers gain immediate ROI on IoT solutions—while building a strong foundation for future smart manufacturing development. Based on industry research and expertise, the “Quick-Start Guide” outlines practical first steps for an easy-to-deploy and low-risk, high-reward IoT solution. It examines how manufacturers are gaining immediate data visibility, improving performance tracking metrics, optimizing service intelligence and more. With a focus on how the simple steps of connecting, combining and analyzing data can create powerful opportunities for monitoring operations, the e-book guides you on how to reap IoT benefits without the bog-down. 

If you’re exploring ways to incorporate IoT but aren’t sure where to start, then download the free “Quick-Start Guide” e-book for practical first steps and long-term strategies that will produce fast results you can use today—and build on to plan for tomorrow.

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