Boosting Factory Efficiency with Role-Based Industrial IoT Insights

Written By: Greg Kaminsky
  • 3/25/2019
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role-based factory IoT insights

Imagine yourself on a factory floor, overseeing countless smart, connected machines operating in sync with hundreds of line workers. While your production goals are on a tight, regular schedule, you’re on your way to meeting them until a process-critical machine fails due to a neglected maintenance schedule. You call to bring a technician on-site as soon as possible for repairs, but they are tied up at another location until tomorrow.

Welcome to the job of a plant floor manager, where you’re measured by your ability to maximize throughput, improve product quality, and minimize costs. Even the smallest gains in operational efficiency can be impactful to your company’s bottom line, but too many disparate systems of information make actionable data and meaningful factory insights hard to come by. Because of this, you’re stuck with a reactive approach that often results in unplanned downtime and higher than planned costs.

On top of that, you still rely on the availability of expert technicians to complete timely maintenance and repair procedures. While the line workers are closest to the most process-critical machines, they are not equipped to effectively manage maintenance tasks. It’s your responsibility to maximize uptime and minimize cost, but time-consuming processes like creating and scheduling work orders are too inefficient for such an urgent issue.

To be successful and overcome these challenges, you need actionable insights right at your fingertips. You need tools that enable your factory and workforce to become smarter, faster, and leaner. With constant pressure coming from above, where will your next source of efficiency gains come from?

Better visibility into the factory

As a production manager, you need direct visibility into the real-time status of your equipment, lines, and processes. You need real-time access to detailed asset information and historical data, so you can identify potential machine failures before they happen and take the necessary precautions to avoid them.

Industrial IoT solutions with machine learning capabilities allow you to do exactly this, with actionable, role-based insights tailored and delivered directly to you. Using solutions like FactoryTalk InnovationSuite, powered by PTC, you can proactively schedule maintenance tasks before any predicted issues lead to downtime, without having to comb through layers of data scattered across multiple systems.

One suite that unifies IT and OT systems

Contextualized industrial IoT data can help you prevent unplanned downtime, but a disconnect still exists between predictive maintenance alerts and getting a qualified technician on-site. Imagine the time you could save if you could schedule maintenance tasks on the same platform that is providing you with actionable, role-based alerts. Better yet, imagine not even having to schedule maintenance, because technicians are already notified and requested by the same intelligent platform that’s connected to the assets on your plant floor.

Together, PTC and Rockwell Automation are transforming what your factory is capable of. With one integrated suite that combines IoT connectivity, advanced analytics, MES, and augmented reality, you can direct your focus to finding greater gains in operational efficiencies, and you can do it faster.

Learn more

Interested in learning how role-based industrial IoT apps can help you increase factory productivity, improve product quality, and reduce training times? Register for our webinar on April 11, featuring Paula Puess, Global Market Development Manager, Rockwell Automation, and Jordan Chaisson, ThingWorx Product Manager, PTC. Discover how you can monitor machines and smart tools on the factory floor to ensure execution of work in real-time.

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