Explore the Path to Best Practices with Plant Benchmarking

Written By: Claire Cavanaugh
  • 5/7/2019
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best practices for plant benchmarking

Plant benchmarking provides a clear, comprehensive view of your data for more accurate comparisons, greater visibility, and actionable insights that help maximum performance. Does your plant floor have the necessary tools to access the right benchmarking data? How can you optimize your plant floor for accurate plant benchmarking?

Leveraging IoT for Data-Backed Best Practices

The path to data-backed best practices is forged on a reliable industrial Internet of Things (IoT) platform, which enables industrial professionals to integrate data for a stronger plant benchmarking foundation. This foundation ensures reliable, gap-free data across all machines, devices, and applications and standardizes data within and across plant floors for effective, actionable plant benchmarking.

Manufacturers seeking more details to inform their plant benchmarking initiatives can consult PTC resources that uncover common methodologies. These valuable insights into approaches help manufacturers leverage the right IoT platform to make plant benchmarking seamless, streamlined, and effective.

View the new PTC infographic, The Road to Better Benchmarking, for an interactive experience along the path to data-backed best practices.

View the plant benchmarking infographic

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