Analyzing the Effectiveness of Your Analytics
Written By: Cam Dufty
3/29/2019 Read Time : 1 min

According to LNS research, the leading research and advisory firm on technology insights for business executives, digital transformation is a “must” for industrial organizations to succeed today and into the future.

In their new report, Analytics Really Do Matter: Driving Digital Transformation and the Smart Manufacturing Enterprise, LNS analysts explore the growing capabilities of analytics, the seemingly huge number of vendors selling analytics-driven IoT platforms, and the apps and other features that go hand-in-hand with this aspect of digital transformation.

Based on their bi-annual research into the use of data in manufacturing, this report highlights the benefits and challenges of incorporating industrial analytics. Download the report to learn:

  • What manufacturers measure and which metrics have gained traction (and become obsolete) over time
  • Where and how industrial IoT platforms are being used, and to what levels of success
  • How industrial analytics impact improvement initiatives and operational performance
  • How Cloud, Edge, and other Operational Architecture elements affect analytics sophistication
  • Which technology vendors the researchers recommend, and why
  • Holistic guidance for an industrial analytics program and aligning with your Industry 4.0 initiative

According to LNS Research, “The heart of a digital enterprise is data and using it to improve enterprise-wide performance.” Learn why analytics are considered the new lifeblood that keeps that heart pumping.

Download Research Report

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