Accelerate IoT Success with Role-Based Industry Apps

Written by: Claire Cavanaugh

In a new spotlight paper, technology research firm LNS Research explores the importance of role-based applications in maximizing IoT solutions. Their research paper, Accelerating Digital Transformation: Improvement Initiatives and Role-Based Industry Apps Take the Lead, details the background of industrial transformation in modern enterprises, explains key research demographics with which to measure success of IoT solutions, and discusses how to navigate your data with scalability in mind.

One simple, effective way to make the most of your data, LNS Research concludes, is to utilize role-based applications—which customize data specifically for the user—in conjunction with IoT solutions that have already been implemented in your industrial ecosystem. When used with an industrial IoT platform, these applications are proven to accelerate IoT success, streamline the plant floor, and provide a clearer view of essential business metrics you can use to improve across the enterprise.

This exclusive industry research is made available in an extensive research paper, complete with in-depth analyses, graphics, and insight from Principal Analyst Matthew Littlefield. Don’t wait to learn how IoT solutions are transforming operational performance—explore LNS Research’s data and find out how it applies across your industrial environment today.

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