Four Simple Ways to Improve Operational Performance

Written By: Cam Dufty
  • 1/14/2019

The industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)—often called the “fourth industrial revolution”—is creating new ways to solve old problems. And one of the most revolutionary ways it’s improving operational performance is also one of the simplest to implement.

The new PTC e-book, How to Improve Operational Performance in Real Time: Four Ways that Real-Time Alerts are Revolutionizing Manufacturing Operations, goes in-depth into the key factors that make real-time alerts possible—and how these alerts are changing industrial ecosystems around the world.

Based on use cases and PTC industry expertise, the e-book explores how alerts are being used to:

  • Increase uptime, reduce maintenance costs, and improve ROA
  • Improve workforce productivity, product quality, innovation, and troubleshooting
  • Prevent and correct safety and compliance risks with streamlined communication

. . . and more.

Download the e-book to learn the four ways that real-time alerts are helping increase plant floor awareness and operational performance in today’s smart manufacturing enterprise—with minimal interruption to process and productivity.

Four Ways that Real-Time Alerts are Revolutionizing Manufacturing Operations

  • CAD
  • Industrial Internet of Things
  • Industry 4.0

About the Author

Cam Dufty

Cam Dufty has been writing about software and emerging technology for more than ten years. At PTC, she works closely with IoT, AR and CAD experts to help tell the story of how smart, connected operations are revolutionizing manufacturing around the world.