Delivering Augmented Reality to the Classroom
Written By: Delaney McDevitt
8/29/2019 Read Time : 4 min

Augmented reality (AR) is appearing in our physical space and changing the way we perceive the world around us. From travel, retail, popular attractions, and even in our classrooms—its popularity and usefulness are apparent. Many of us use AR every day without really knowing it. The Pokémon Go app? Augmented reality. Google Translate? Augmented reality. Snapchat filters? Augmented reality. Companies also see the value of AR and are finding new ways to integrate it into their industries.

At PTC, the technology behind AR is part of our company DNA. PTC Creo, our CAD software, now features AR capabilities. The latest version – Creo 6.0 – allows you to publish and manage up to 10 designs, controlling who has access to each AR experience. You can even publish experiences for use with the HoloLens and as QR codes. Anyone with a link to the AR experience you create can view it using the Vuforia View app.

Leveraging Industry Software in the Classroom

At the University of Applied Sciences Technikum Wien in Vienna, Austria, Professor Orsolits teaches undergraduate and graduate students in an industry-oriented environment. The university has a miniature factory laboratory called the “MiniFab-Lab.” This lab provides students the opportunity to implement IoT and AR in projects in collaboration with and in support of industrial companies. Students used Vuforia to build a replica of the robotics laboratory in augmented reality. Building the digital twin of the lab helped the university advance its goal to leverage real-time data and simulate the behavior of the robots in the lab.

Professor Reinhard Bernsteiner, Head of IoT and Augmented Reality for all higher technical schools in Austria, also uses Vuforia with his students so they can make data visual and understandable, whether they're working with a framework or starting from scratch.

Check out Vuforia Studio in Action in the Classroom:



Professor Reinhard Bernsteiner uses Vuforia Studio | PTC Academic 

Students interested in developing their skills and expertise in AR will find a variety of opportunities in industry to do so. Vuforia Studio is used by companies in fields like automotive, aerospace, marketing, and more.

Are you a university faculty or professor interested in exploring augmented reality? Connect with our team to bring Vuforia Studio to your classroom or lab!

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