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PTC Academic resources, including industry-leading software, are used in both K12 and university classrooms. Educators and students use PTC software to learn the skills and technologies that are impacting the future. Equipping academic institutions with this software is the first step—capturing the students’ interest is the next. Partnering with Formula SAE and FIRST competitions is one way PTC Academic connects academe with industry.

How We Roll

PTC is a proud sponsor of student-based, university competitions including Formula Student, Baja SAE, and Formula SAE. These competitions teach students the process by which leading automotive companies around the world, like Aston Martin Racing, Penske Racing, and others, design and produce world-class racing cars. Teams that register for the PTC Sponsorship Package receive the following:

1. Creo Premium Edition

This professional 3D CAD product design and development software is beneficial for extended simulation, additive manufacturing, IoT, model-based definition and augmented reality.

2. PTC Mathcad Prime

A simple, yet powerful tool for engineering calculations that is fully integrated into Creo.

3. Windchill

Product lifecycle management is an important tool for CAD files, documents, project management and more—all accessible in the cloud.

4. ThingWorx

This IoT platform offers all of the capabilities needed to build and extract value from smart, connected products.

5. Vuforia Studio

Create scalable AR experiences with Studio's user-friendly authoring tools.

6. PTC University eLearning Libraries

This online platform has thousands of hours of training to teach everything needed to be successful using PTC products.

7. Marketing Materials

PTC resources, digital and vinyl logos for teams, access to webinars, and more will give teams the extra edge in a competition.

Teams with a full suite of software solutions for CAD, PLM, engineering mathematics, and IoT mirror industry leaders using the same resources. This is beneficial for students interested and passionate about engineering and product design, giving them an experience that goes beyond the traditional classroom curriculum. To learn more about PTC Academic’s influence and sponsorship in Formula SAE, visit our website here.

Inspiring the Next Generation

The next generation of innovators begins at the core—in the K12 space where educators and courses have a critical influence on students and their decisions about their futures. In the FIRST competition students are championed by educators and sponsors like PTC to think outside of the box. Connecting them to industry and best-in-class software tools is key to engaging their interest.

PTC Academic enables teams in FIRST competitions with free software and services that include Creo, Mathcad, Windchill, and Vuforia. To accompany this software, teams are given access to easy-to-use curriculum that helps guide them through the product development process and its benefits. Collaboration, increased efficiency, and enhanced accuracy in the robot design process are just a few of the benefits of this package.

What Do All of These Different Platforms Offer?


This 3D CAD software helps save time, materials, and budget by designing, assembling, and testing a robot in Creo. Windchill: Securely manage and share all files online using Windchill’s project management and data management capabilities.


This augmented reality platform determines the precise 3D location of objects and surroundings in the robot’s field of view.


Engineering calculation made easier as teams document their critical engineering calculations in Mathcad’s live document environment.

How to Model Almost Anything

12 exercises covering basic navigation in Creo to simulation and analysis while teaching key concepts of product development and design.


PTC Academic provides free software support to FIRST teams.

Teams can apply for grants for the FIRST competition here, on the PTC Academic website.

To learn more about PTC Academic sponsored student competitions visit the web page, here.
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