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Written By: Delaney McDevitt
  • 8/19/2019
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As a company with innovation at its core, PTC is a digital transformation technology leader that gives customers the opportunity to stay ahead of the competition. In the world of academe, the mission is similar—educators, institutions, and students are constantly competing with time to stay ahead of the evolving world beyond the classroom.

Looking to the future, one of the questions that PTC Academic responds to is, “How do we prepare students for jobs that don’t exist yet?” The Academic team leverages PTC’s industry-leading software and puts it in the hands of those who are shaping the future workforce—the educators and their institutions, which range from K12 to university classrooms.

“PTC Academic acts as the intermediary between industry and academe to equip educators and prepare students,” Dr. Jordan Cox, SVP of PTC Academic.

Comprised of thought leaders, educators, engineers, creatives and designers, the PTC Academic team explores modern EdTech solutions using PTC’s vision of digital transformation through products, processes, and people. In digital transformation, we see the physical and digital worlds converge as manufacturers and industry-leaders create products using emerging technologies. As these products evolve, the processes to create them are changing as well—smart, connected, efficient, and cutting-edge. It’s the people, though, who are at the core of this transformation as training and best practices are put in place to bring the products to fruition.


The Products, Processes, and People Shaping Academe

As the workforce adopts these concepts in industry, the same occurs in academe. K12 and university classrooms adapt with the products they are dealt, which in this case can be viewed as the technology they have access to. How, though, can these classrooms access software that industry-leaders use and how can educators incorporate it into classroom curriculum? With PTC Academic, there is a wide range of possibilities and opportunities for educators, schools, and students to gain access to PTC’s cutting-edge technology. With a range of free and premium offerings, there is no cutting corners when it comes to supplying the people who shape our future with the tools they need to learn and grow.

So, how do we implement these processes once the product is attained? A vital part of the process of an educator or institution is to create a curriculum that will ensure students understand the full potential of the software in front of them. Granting access and enabling students and educators to use this software is one thing but using it to its full potential is another. PTC Academic offers resources like on-demand support, guides, and more so that both the educators and students see the full potential of gaining the same skills seen in industry.

Who is behind all of the products and processes, though? The people. The people are what—or, more appropriately, who—make this possible and successful. The PTC Academic team markets, champions, and provides the software, but it’s the students and educators who are the people that make it worthwhile as the products and how they’re used in real-world scenarios emerge. It’s the educators and their institutions, whether a K12 classroom or a university/college, that seek resources for their students to make sure they’re gaining the most from their educational experience. Sometimes, it’s even the individual student who’s curious to explore or build on new or existing skills in software. No matter if it’s a group or individual, PTC Academic believes the software behind the products, processes, and people should be available to learners of all levels and champions those who are constantly curious and wanting to learn. 



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