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Written By: Tiffany Bailey
  • 3/28/2022
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PTC University Tutorials

If you want to ensure you’re getting the greatest return on investment from your PTC products and want to accelerate your success, look no further than the training and education offerings from PTC University. Thanks to PTC University’s on-demand education solutions, learners can access high-quality, best-in-class training programs—no matter where they are in the world.

Having the option to learn virtually is essential for many learners. And flexible training is equally important. Many students find it hard to set aside time for an hour-long eLearning course. To meet the needs of today’s learners, PTC University has made some changes to Learning Connector, including the addition of a brand-new training experience, called Playlists.

What is a Training Playlist?

Training Playlists may look familiar to those who have experienced PTC University’s eLearning courses. However, when a student uses a Playlist, learning about a topic gets broken down into consumable, bite-sized lessons (called Tutorials).

Playlists are an on-demand, self-paced offering that aligns with the efficient way that modern learners want to consume training. Thus, making learning easier and more personalized than ever.

Let’s explore the key components of this new offering:

  • Tutorials: Short, individual videos covering specific training topics. These are just-in-time learning solutions meant to solve immediate challenges. They enable students to quickly move past common roadblocks.
  • Playlists: A series of connected Tutorials, organized into a cohesive, larger training course category.

PTC University hopes learners find the new Playlists and Tutorials to be a better and more efficient way to experience self-paced training. If a learner doesn’t want to commit to hour-long eLearning course, they can opt for a bite-sized Tutorial or an on-demand Playlist instead.

Visit Learning Connector Today!

There are Tutorials and Playlists on almost all PTC products, including Creo, Windchill, ThingWorx, and more. You can find them in PTC University’s improved Learning Connector platform—view them now!

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Learning Connector is your all-in-one hub for all PTC training offerings.

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