Unlocking Augmented Reality for the Enterprise: An Overview of PTC’s AR Playbook

Written By: Stacy Thompson
  • 2/14/2020
  • Read Time : 2 min
AR for the enterprise

Augmented reality (AR) is everywhere, from sports and entertainment to manufacturing and training. You’ve probably experienced AR somewhere, or at least heard about it. The technology is exploding – and we’ve only begun to see its potential to transform the way we work and live.

In the industrial sector, AR is fundamentally shifting the way enterprises approach manufacturing and operations, workforce training, service and support, and more. Forbes predicts, in 2020, AR will see tremendous growth, with businesses realizing the wealth of possibilities offered by AR. IndustryWeek says AR will be the easiest way for the next generation of workers to learn new efficiencies – and enterprises will have to embrace this critical workforce technology to succeed.

To help companies understand the enormous potential behind AR for the enterprise, PTC has just released a groundbreaking AR Playbook, backed by PTC President & CEO Jim Heppelmann’s years of research and experience implementing AR in the field.

The course, a framework for planning and implementing AR in the enterprise, targets anyone who wants to better understand:

  • The technology behind enterprise AR platforms
  • How real companies are using AR today
  • Where AR offers the most value to an organization
  • What decisions must be made to execute a successful AR strategy
  • How to make an enterprise AR application

Forward-thinking organizations can expect to come away from the course with knowledge of what it takes to execute on an enterprise AR strategy and have tangible examples to reference when building out AR solutions. It’s an opportunity to get up to speed on the technology that’s changing companies around the world.

PTC AR playbook
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