It's Time to Get to Work 1/20/2021 Read Time : 2 min

History will remember 2020 as the year of dual pandemics – one, a global health crisis, the other a watershed moment in the long arc of social injustice and racial inequality in the U.S. As we turned the chapter to 2021, we'd hoped for a brighter future. Promising vaccines were on the way and the U.S. was preparing for its quadrennial peaceful transition of power in the White House, with Kamala Harris becoming the first woman and the first person of color to ever hold the nation’s second highest office.

The shocking events at the U.S. Capitol on January 6 temporarily obscured that hope. Those events served to remind us just how much work has yet to be done to unite our country and restore confidence in our ability as a nation to tackle the biggest challenges we face. But, to quote Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., whose legacy we honor this week, “we must accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope.” On this Inauguration Day, we look to our government leaders to get to work, for there is much work to be done with respect to the pandemic, the economy, cybersecurity, and more. But, we in the business community must also resolve to get to work, for we, too, have much work to do.

At PTC, we pledge to help our customers and partners get back to work. Embraced by our purpose (“The Power to Create”), our company isn’t just imagining a better world, we are helping to create it. Our technology enables the innovators, the collaborators, and the problem solvers to chart a course for progress. Together, we must commit to not only running our business, but doing our part to address the great long-term challenges in front of us, like social injustice and climate change.

Today marks the beginning of a new chapter – and one with a deep cultural impact – for the United States. PTC is committed to embracing this new chapter and contributing to a culture that celebrates diversity, equity, and inclusion. We hope, in 2021, it’s a vision that’s shared globally.

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About the Author James E. Heppelmann, Chief Executive Officer

James (Jim) Heppelmann is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of PTC, responsible for driving the company’s global business strategy and operations. During Mr. Heppelmann’s leadership tenure, PTC has assembled the industry’s leading industrial innovation platform and field-proven solutions and services that enable companies to design, manufacture, operate, and service things for a smart, connected world. He also serves on PTC’s Board of Directors.

Mr. Heppelmann has emerged as a driver and thought leader in industrial innovation. To read Mr. Heppelmann's full biography, please visit the executive leadership page.