Sneak Peek: State of Industrial Innovation Mid-Year Update

Written By: Stacy Thompson
  • 8/7/2018
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Disruptive technologies like the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and augmented reality (AR) are no longer the promise of tomorrow – they’re creating new opportunities and accelerating the convergence of the physical and digital worlds today.

state of industrial innovation

This type of “innovation velocity” is playing out at an enterprise level, with forward-thinking companies leveraging advanced technologies to offer new connected products, services, and solutions. “It’s a mindset where clock speeds are short, innovation is continuous, and where a willingness to react quickly and change frequently is a core competency,” says PTC President & CEO Jim Heppelmann.

Following the inaugural reports and building on findings from recent quarters, the mid-year spotlight of the State of Industrial Innovation series focuses on development and adoption trends for innovative companies building IIoT and AR experiences for their end customers externally.

Report highlights include the following insights:

  • There is a significant market opportunity for companies looking to build IIoT capabilities into their physical products or to provide IIoT solutions to their end customers through new offerings, product interfaces, and service models
  • Industrial enterprises are keen to improve customer experiences, open up new revenue streams, and disrupt competition by leveraging the new augmented reality capabilities for product and service differentiation

Technology market analysts’ and PTC’s forecasts predict that the IIoT and industrial AR have the potential to create significant economic disruption and impact. Disruptive technologies can mean the difference between success and failure for industrial enterprises – and the time to act is now.

Stay tuned for the State of the Industrial Internet of Things and the State of Industrial Augmented Reality mid-year report updates publishing later this month!

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