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  • 12/13/2018
Black History Month serves as a reminder that we must redouble our efforts to dismantle 400 years of systemic racism that blocks our society from reaching its fullest potential. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. shared his dream that his children would not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character. We must see the problems around us and commit ourselves to anti-racist practices that prevent the marginalization of members of our communities. At PTC, we value Black lives. We value excellence. We value brains. And, we value passion.
PTC is a company committed to supporting members of the Black community to become the innovators, designers, and creators of a better tomorrow. As a community, we remain committed to our mission to share our “Power to Create” and to leverage digital transformation to help make a better world for all people – a world in which Black people and all marginalized communities can live, be heard, thrive, and succeed.
As we saw throughout 2020, equity in America is an ongoing endeavor, so we lean on this annual celebration as an opportunity and as a foundation to carry this critical work forward. As allies, we must stand opposed to racial injustice and denounce white supremacy in all its forms. We should pause, evaluate ourselves, continue to listen to Black voices, and constantly seek ways to improve. We must acknowledge we have work to do, because under-represented minorities are under-represented here at PTC, too.
At PTC, we must value and embrace diversity in all its forms and embrace our collective responsibility to create transformative change. We stand in solidarity with our Black employees across the United States and the global community and support Black people in pursuit of STEM education and career paths.
This Black History Month, together, we recommit ourselves to a culture that celebrates diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) – a PTC that is truly for all. With leadership from PTC's Chief of Diversity & Corporate Social Responsibility, Kameelah Benjamin-Fuller, we strive to accelerate our DEI journey and create a workplace that sets an example for all. With support from our Black Employees’ resource group, we want to create pathways for Black employees to advance their careers and excel. With cloud-based CAD design engineering tools, like Onshape, we want to help educators increase engagement with students that have been traditionally underrepresented in STEM majors and fields. With our membership in organizations like MassTLC, we strive to increase Black representation in the tech community.
As we move forward, we will continue to celebrate the promise of future generations of Black STEM leaders and highlight the history, contributions, and experiences of our Black employees and Black people in STEM. Please stay tuned for more updates and thought leadership on our blog, this month and beyond, addressing a range of topics from the need to increase representation in STEM to how we endeavor to drive cultural transformation, globally, here at PTC.
We have a real opportunity to unite and address the systemic challenges that continue to hold us back from achieving true equality and justice for all. Our efforts are ongoing, and we are fully committed to this work; there is no endpoint in sight. Together, we can and will make a difference.