How Onshape Improves Makerspace Productivity, Collaboration, and Innovation

Written By: Alexis Scheinman
  • 2/17/2022
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Flexibility is important in today's business landscape. More companies are offering remote or hybrid working models, and workplace mobility programs and flexible spaces are becoming more popular.

With that, a trend of more industry-focused coworking makerspaces has emerged across the country, specifically targeting high growth markets such as robotics, artificial intelligence and other technologies.

What is a makerspace? A makerspace is a shared work environment inside a public or private facility, typically for learning, building, sharing tools and technology and fostering entrepreneurship. These spaces can take on different names depending on its focus, such as incubator space, techshops, and innovation hub.

As certain industries expand, the need for targeted incubator hubs has increased. These spaces fuel the market by providing an environment to innovate and resources to increase productivity.

One such industry that continues to see rapid growth is robotics, with spending predicted to exceed $240 billion by 2023, according to IDC.

“The robotics industry is becoming more vital than ever as companies look to automation and faster processes to address supply chain disruptions and labor shortages,” said David Katzman, SVP of general operations at Onshape.

Aimed to scale the next generation of robotic startups, MassRobotics is a targeted innovation hub in Massachusetts, who has elevated the “makerspace” trend. As a non-profit organization located in the Seaport area of Boston, the startup cluster provides entrepreneurs and automation companies resources to help bring their products and solutions to market.

To help serve the robotics community, PTC is providing free licenses of Onshape, our cloud-native product development platform, to MassRobotics’ residents. “We are thrilled to provide Onshape to the innovative startups at MassRobotics as they help revolutionize the market,” Katzman said.

With Onshape, MassRobotics’ community of future-minded startups can leverage the latest in cloud product design software for robotics development.

MassRobotics and Onshape share similar visions of encouraging innovation through collaboration. MassRobotics provides physical space and tools for entrepreneurs to collaborate, whereas Onshape’s platform enables engineers to simultaneously work together in their browser, allowing innovation without concern of design stalls, crashes or losses. Multiple MassRobotics engineers will be able to work on their complex assemblies at the same time in Onshape, so teams instantly see edits or changes, no matter who makes them or when.

In addition, both Onshape and MassRobotics help businesses accelerate design processes. As a cloud-native platform, all backups and new functionality are automatically updated every three weeks in Onshape, eliminating downtime and increasing speed to market. Robotic startups that adopt agile workflows will gain a competitive edge in today’s fast-paced economy.

“Our team at MassRobotics is very excited to collaborate with PTC and the amazing Onshape team,” said Fady Saad, co-founder & VP of strategic partnerships at MassRobotics. “We look forward to utilizing the innovative capabilities of Onshape to better scale the next generation of successful robotics startups.”

Currently, Onshape is utilized for design and development by many commercial robotics companies, reinforcing the value that it can bring to the MassRobotics community.

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