From Beluga Whales to Beers & Bikes: IoT World Congress Shines a Spotlight on Industrial Innovation

Written By: David Immerman
  • 10/18/2018

The IoT Solutions World Congress kicked off this week and drew in more than 14,000 attendees from nearly 120 countries, 340 exhibitors, and 300 speakers. The Barcelona-based event ran by the Industrial Internet Consortium, attracted a copious amount of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) end users from targeted industry verticals executing on digital transformation strategies, as well as providers of IIoT, augmented reality (AR), robotics, digital twins, blockchain, and artificial intelligence. This attendee and exhibitor mix created and displayed a variety of exciting real-world IoT use cases, case studies, demos, and test beds.

The forms of industrial innovation discussed included water monitoring to ensure the health and safety of Beluga whales from a 2017 Alaskan natural gas leak, flow sensors and meters used to monitor beer, household robots helping elderly people remind themselves of scheduled visits or medicine usage, and autonomous vacuums capable of being IoT smart home hubs.

Whether it’s a whale, your grandparent, or your beer, IoT is having a profound impact on the world around us. Even with how unique each IoT case study seems, they still fall under either Smart Connected Product (SCP) or Smart Connected Operations (SCO) buckets.

For SCP, PTC demoed a digital twin AR experience of the KTM Super Duke motorcycle, depicting use cases from the design stage (kinematics, customizable properties) up-through servicing, sales and marketing teams leveraging its performance data (engine temperature, battery, gas mileage etc..) and operating instructions, among other product characteristics.

IoT use cases have also found relevance to various roles across an organization. In the motorcycle demo, PTC demonstrated a race IoT application, where a crew chief could monitor the real-time racer data on fuel levels, battery life, and location on the track.

On the SCO side, PTC demonstrated a manufacturing IoT deployment of connected plants and relevant production, scheduling, maintenance, and quality metrics.

Among these SCP and SCO deployments are common use cases. PTC illustrated and measured these use cases through customer interviews and released the findings in our bi-annual State of the Industrial Internet of Things report.

The report and the event both support the trend that organizations are implementing their digital transformation and IoT strategies now and recognizing the benefits. We anticipate that events like IoT Solutions World Congress showcasing examples of industrial innovation will continue to propel the physical and digital convergence across enterprises.

Download the State of IIoT report to learn more about the state of industrial innovation and how companies are applying this technology in industrial settings.

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