COVID-19 Hero: Strama-MPS Pivots Focus to Mask Production in Record Time

Written By: Taylor Paglia
  • 8/13/2020
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As we continue to navigate through the COVID-19 pandemic, the global population finds itself in a new reality. In many cases around the world, that reality includes wearing a mask to slow the spread of the disease. With an increased demand for mouth and nose protection, self-sewn and make-shift masks have taken the place of high-quality medical grade masks, due to lack of supply.

Recognizing the supply bottlenecks and oftentimes poor-quality materials in production, Strama-MPS, a division of Strama Group, pivoted their special-purpose machinery business portfolio, to being intensively engaged in handling the coronavirus pandemic. 

With a goal of supplying all sectors of the population with high-quality masks at a fair-price, that are 100% made in Germany, Strama-MPS began manufacturing the ProMoMask "Community" mask for the general public, as well as surgical masks that are certified according to EN 14683 Type II, a mandatory certificate in the medical sector. 

Both masks are made with the highly desired fleece material, that was described as “more sought-after and even more difficult to get than toilet paper in the early Corona times," explains Maximilian Krauß, Head of Marketing of Strama-MPS. The company is actively striving to be less dependent on deliveries from abroad in the future for medical product creation. 

By fine tuning the mask design and their first machine, Strama-MPS was producing 85,000 masks per day in the beginning of June 2020. Machine two and three were not far behind in creation, and are now manufacturing close to 200,000 masks daily. The product details are as follows: 

ProMoMask “Community” Masks

  • 3-layer fleece, made of 100% PP (polypropylene) with Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 certification, product class 1
  • Comfortable for long-time wear with elastic ear band
  • Water repellent and skin-friendly to protect against moisture droplets
  • Positive CO2 footprint: Production in Straubing, Germany

Surgical Masks

  • 3-layer fleece - 100% PP (polypropylene) with Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 certification, product class 1
  • Certified according to EN 14683 Type II, meeting the high medical requirements
  • Made with filter material (meltblown) with a performance of at least 98 percent 

PTC thanks Strama-MPS for its tireless efforts transitioning from building machines to manufacturing one of the most important prevention elements in the fight against the coronavirus.

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