COVID-19 Hero: Skoda Auto Provides Multi-Level Assistance to Combat Pandemic

Written By: Alexandra Puig
  • 5/14/2020
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Skoda is a COVID-19 hero

As one of the main consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic, widespread economic hardships continue to wreak havoc on citizens around the world. As a result of loss of employment and shuttered businesses, among other causes, countries have been rolling out aid packages such as the U.S. Payment Protection Program to restore liquidity to the population. Calls for more aid are growing as the crisis continues to unfold.

In the Czech Republic, automaker Skoda developed and launched the #SKODAAUTOhelps campaign to provide aid to customers in need, according to a March 2020 press release. In partnership with the government, universities, and various charities and volunteers, Skoda delivered on the following:

  • Distributed direct financial aid to social service programs as well as customers in need.
  • Spearheaded the support of charities bringing food to the elderly as well as providing urgently needed medical aid.
  • Freed up over 200 vehicles through their platform, HoppyGo to donate to charities, municipalities, and volunteers on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Initiated a partnership with the Czech Technical university in Prague to manufacture reusable FFP3 respirators for hospitals in the country.

PTC is proud to name Skoda a COVID-19 Hero, and thanks them for their unwavering dedication and support to the front-line workers.

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